The Acting Life of Ellis Rubin – The Table Read (September 10, 2021)
89.5 Star FM Baguio (Philippines) – Radio station interview (December 12, 2020)
A Better World Festival – co-host at July 14, 2019 event
The Young and Mighty March – speaker at October 21, 2018 event
Guest Stars, Locals To Promote Activism At A Better World Festival (Western Queens Gazette, August 15, 2018)
The Greatest Showman Movie Clip – A Million Dreams (2018) — YouTube
The Greatest Showman: Extended Preview — Facebook video that shows Ellis’s complete role in the movie
Ellis Rubin on IMDB
Ellis Rubin interview with Tres A Magazine (February 26, 2018)
Through Madisyn’s Eyes: My Interview with Ellis Rubin (January 8, 2018)
The Life Project: Interview with Ellis Rubin (December 30, 2017)

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